How It Works


Our latency dashboard allows users to graph P95 latency, P99 latency, Avg latency and Requests per second across all of their different Kubernetes services. No application package installations necessary.

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Users can view, graph and alert on pod and node level metrics like CPU and memory.

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Users can view events overtime, filter based on event type and event name, and set monitors for specific events like crash loops, pod evictions and failed Kubernetes jobs.

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Upon deployment containIQ creates the following Kubernetes resources

  • service account, cluster role binding and cluster role with get, watch ,list, capabilities on all resources in the core api and metrics api groups
  • a 1 replica deployment to access the Kubernetes api
  • a secret that contains your containIQ api key
  • a daemonset that utilizes eBPF to instrument our latency data, as well as an init container to install the necessary linux headers on all nodes.